The Hotel Services

The names of services Cost
The X-coping (1 sheet) 10 rbl.
The billiard (1 hour) 300 rbl.
The Parking place (1 day) 80 rbl.
Telephone according to the tariff
The conference hall (1-3 hours)
Conference hall with karaoke.(1-3 hours)
The big conference hall (1-3 hours)
1000 rbl. (every next hour 400 rbl.)
1000 rbl. (every neхt hour 400 rbl.)
1500 rbl. (every neхt hour 500 rbl.)
Slippers 100 rbl.

The Restaurant Services

The breakfast/dinner/supper in the room 10 % from the cost of order
The dinner in the sauna 10 % from the cost of order

The Sauna Services

The Sauna (1 hour, at least 2 hours) 700 rbl.
The rent sauna hat 60 rbl.
The rent sauna sheet 30 rbl.
The rent sauna towel 30 rbl.
Slippers for sauna 60 rbl.

The Laundry Services

Laundry (shirt, trousers, pullover, light jacket) 200 rbl.
Laundry (underclothing) 60 rbl.
Laundry (jacket, down-padded coat) 300 rbl.
Ironing of a shirt (1 thing) 100 rbl.
Ironing of a T-shirt, underclothing (1 thing) 100 rbl.
Ironing of a trousers, jeans (1 pair) 200 rbl.
Ironing of a suit 300 rbl.